I’m a finnish self-educated art enthusiast and this site showcases my work. Visual art is something that I do for the sake of doing it.

I paint beings. Creatures of light. Landscapes to sink into. My works merge the pursuit of balance and harmony through vivid spiritual geometry with forms of dark chaotic imagery. The synergy of this dualistic nature makes the creative process very interesting for me.

ICON : DIGITAL ALCHEMY: In 2017 I let go of traditional pens and brushes and made a transition to full on digital painting. Currently I’m enjoying the experimentation on a digital canvas. Proceeding further into the unknown.

idSYMM : THE FLUID CORE: Symm represents a collection of mixed-media works combining analog traces of pencils, ink and acrylic paints woven together digitally. These pieces formed my first public art exhibition in 2015.

I’ll be happy to hear from you. Please send any comments or questions to the e-mail address below.

Janne Lyytinen